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Re: [powerpc] hd-media install, quik-installer


On Thursday 06 July 2006 10:52, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Hmmm...I'll have to think about how to word it.  On OldWold Mac the
> only ways to boot the _installer_ at present are to use BootX or miBoot
> floppies.

and netboot! :)

> After the install is complete however quik is definitely the 
> way to go.  If we get dfsg-free floppies then I making a strong
> recommendation to use the floppies and not BootX makes more sense.

If we don't get free floppies (there is/has been work on two approaches, 
rewriting miboot and adding a floppy driver to quik), I see no problem in 
mentioning BootX _after_ explaining netboot and while stating the technical 
problems, which _might_ occur and pointing out the non-free issue.

If we can't include miboot in non-free (I'm not completly sure we cannot, but 
IRRC it doesn't look real good. Please prove me wrong! :) then we shouldn't 
point to the miboot images in the manual. Providing them in a legal grey area 
is one thing, linking them in the official manual is another. Sigh.


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