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issue installing etch with daily build of d-i on x86 with advansys controller


I am not very sure if this is the right place for such a claim; if not,
please {politely, flamely} redirect me to the right list...

I'll try to explain the problem.

linux 2.6.16 declares advansys SCSI driver as broken.  In recent times
(aka, 2.6.17) there has been some cleanup on this device driver, so it
is enabled again, if only for x86 arch.

See http://www.gatago.com/linux/kernel/11320676.html
and http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/ChangeLog-2.6.17 (search
advansys) for further clarification.

So, my box has an advansys SCSI controller, where the CDROM is connected
to.  I tried yesterday's daily build of d-i, and since it uses linux
2.6.16, the advansys driver is not available, so I'm flying blind.

The main hard disk resides on a promise SATA300 TX4, which forces me to
use a 2.6.15+ kernel; otherwise I would be done by using the 2.4.x
kernel to install.

I have a couple of workarounds for this problem, such as:
1) temporarily adding an IDE CDROM and installing from there
2) booting d-i with linux 2.4 and copying the contents of the CD to a
small hard disk connected to the advansys controller...

So it's not advice I am asking for.

I just wanted to report the absence of this driver, and that, even if
marked broken, it worked for me and others, so it is not unfashionable
to activate it in linux-2.6.16, if only for the benefit of users of
advansys SCSI controllers on x86 (hey, that includes me! :)

Maybe backporting if from 2.6.17 wouldn't be a bad idea, either.  I
think it should be quite straightforward.

I'd be glad to do any testing you might need.


Thanks. A lot.

Have fun,


P.S.: Joey Hess, just in case you read this email, I'm the guy who went
with Amaya to welcome you at Barajas airport. Remember me? Remember vim and
emacs not letting you catch up with your jet lag? :-)

Pancho Horrillo

To be conscious that
you are ignorant is a great step
to knowledge.

		Benjamin Disraeli

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