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ppp-udeb: I have managed to install the system via pppoe

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Note: I had this mail in my drafts directory for some time now; as I see
I don't have time to fix it due to real life changes and issues, I will
send it now, before fixing the last bits.

Hello all,

The modifications I done on the ppp-udeb package, in order to make it really work in the D-I environment, are functional.
I have made a modified iso image[1], so beta testers will only need to download that and use it.

It still needs some polishing, but the main issue, the default route which was not set is a weird issue since, although
the route command displays the default route, the installation went fine via pppoe (it uses finish-install.d).

The not-so-important things to do now are:
- - use the same scheme for additions to /etc/resolv.conf as the general pppd package uses;
  (this also means having a separate file for the pppoe peer configuration, and not having that in the postinst)
- - make the postinst really reentrant by detecting any previous  instances of pppd and killing them before rerunning
- - do not return to the main menu until actually a pppX interface is up and has an IP, or until a time out (gah, timeouts)
- - see if concentrator detection really works for anybody from the first attempt (I even copied pppoeconf code to try
  to fix this, but I didn't had luck)

I still couldn't figure out why the concentrator is never detected at the first attempt, meaning that in every test
I attempted immediately after a boot, the concentrator was not found. I tried to run pppoe-discovery twice with different
parameters in the hope that it will work (as seen in pppoeconf).

The conclusion is that I think this is material for beta testing (NOT in the sense D-I beta testing, but in the sense that
someone else should try it, test it).

The code will need a review, I am sure I could have done some things a lot more cleaner, than they are now.
I also feel that the code should be integrated in the official package because this iteration is too big already.
I will probably make time for the rest of the points (except for the concentrator detection issue, where I am
requesting help)

P.S.: Just discovered that the finish-install.d thingie does not work :-/

[1] http://eddyp.homelinux.net:8080/eddy/pppoe/current/pppoe-di-i386.iso
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