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Bug#376414: (no subject)

retitle 376414 Please use UTF-8 encoding for Russian in console-cyrillic
reassign 376414 localechooser

> 1.
> Russian is not readable after install.
> Default russian locale in the installer is ru_RU.UTF-8, but
> console font (package console-cyrillic) is koi8-r.
> The right option in /etc/console-cyrillic  should be
> encoding utf-8 (instead of encoding koi8-r)

Yes. Nice proof of the very weak testing given by users and
translators to the installer. It's now mor ethan 6 months since we
switched to UTF-8 everywhere and this is discovered...now.

Anywa, thanks a lot for reporting this. The fix is pretty easy.

> 2.
> Russian is not readable with fb enabled (vga=791)
> After changing a virt. console (alt+ctrl+f2) russian characters
> are not readable on this console (tty2). tty1 is ok.
> restarting console-cyrillic from the tty2 solves the problem.

Seems to be the same problem.

> 3.
> There is no /dev/lp0 on fresh installed system (etch).
> I must load lp module manually.

Here, the problem is not related to the installer. I guess this is the
job of the printing system, if configured to use /dev/lp*, to load the
needed module(s).

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