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Re: Plans for GTK+

On Friday 30 June 2006 19:21, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> From now on, the d-i team will be able to work on the installer, basing
> their work on these experimental packages. However this is not enough
> to produce a release.
> In the next days, the stable 1.2 branch of libcairo should be released.
> I hope this will allow to move the cairo udebs to unstable soon. Then,
> synchronizing with the d-i team because it breaks former g-i packages,
> we'll move the GTK+ udebs to unstable.

For Debian Installer the plan outlined by Josselin is perfect. It provides 
us with current libraries and the possibility to polish the graphical 
version of the installer in the run-up to the Etch freeze.
It also makes sure that we can get rid of the current "hacked" packages 
before the Etch release.

It also makes us independent of the final decision by the Gnome/GTK 
maintainers to stay with GTK+ 2.8 or go for 2.10. We will be happy and 
ready to follow any decision made with regards to that.

On behalf of the g-i developers and all the people who need a graphical 
installer to be able to install Debian in their own language, I'd like to 
thank Dave Beckett and Josselin Mouette for making this possible for us.


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