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Re: How new are the news?!

Quoting Eddy Petrişor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):
> Hello all,
> I wanted to point out that the translation status page could use some
> cleanup in the news section.
> The last entry is from 2004/04/27 which, in my universe does not count
> as news ;-).

It's probably an error and should be 06/27...:-)

I'm actually having hard times maintaining that part. It is a little
bit less relevant now as we have a notification "robot" so I don't put
much energy to maintain it.

> Probably is wise if the news section is shortened and (if desired) the
> old entries are moved in another place.

Yes. Low priority, though..:)

Any DD can do it by editing
~seppy/tr-html/<whatever_name_the_template_has> on gluck

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