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Re: GTK+ 2.8.18 experimental debs/udebs

Eddy Petrisor wrote:


Done, they are available on my router[1], in case anybody else wants them.
Man, the compilation needed about 1.5GB free disk space..

[1] http://eddyp.homelinux.net:8080/eddy/g-i/gtk2.8-ppc/libs/gtk/2.8.18-4/

Good work! :)

Any chance to build a ppc miniiso with updated dfb, cairodfb and gtkdfb libs ? there are some still open bugs (#342053, #338191, #341770) for cdebconf-gtk related to PPC architecture that i sustect are related to older libraries. Also, it would be interesting to know wheter bug #373253 shows up on AMD64 only or also with other architectures different from i386.



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