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Re: Announcement for mr-IN translations for D-I

Quoting priti Patil (prithisd@gmail.com):
> Hi,
> It's my pleasure to announce that I am starting D-I translations for mr-IN
> language.
> Please let me know if any formality I need to complete for the same.

We need to go through the New Language Process described in

So, you actually completed the first step by contacting the D-I team:


No we need to go through other steps.

Step 2:


Please confirm me that you'll be the formal coordinator of the
effort. I also *optionnally* need to get:

-a backup coordinator
-a translation team address

Among the needed information are the ISO codes of the language, which
is of course "mr", the English name, which is Marathi....

As you as you confirm me these informations.....and optionnally send
me the optional ones, we'll procedd to next step and so on...

We will continue this by private mail as I usually do, to avoid
bothering the readers of the lists with these administrivia things.

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