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Bug#345800: Unreproducible?

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 22:56, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Actually, I can't reproduce that bug anymore...

For those reading along at home, the bug report was:
! When pkgsel is downloading packages, the progress bar title is
! "Configuring" (which I translated by "Configuration de " in French) all
! alone, which seems a bit strange.

> It's probably worth closing it unless someone else still reproduces
> it.

I have never seen that particular problem to be honest, but...

I still notice a definite delay in the update of the title of the screen. 
This is very visible in g-i, maybe less in d-i.
It makes the title of the screen seem rather random.

So, not the exact same bug, but a definite issue. I'm not sure that with 
weird timing this could not cause the bug you've seen.

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