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d-i memory requirements

Hi all,

when doing some low-memory testing with vmware recently, the OOM killer was triggered. Following a suggestion from fjp I did some testing of the memory requirements of recent d-i daily builds (no changes at all, run on i386 with framebuffer etc), these were the results:

52 MB - Died while loading additional udebs
56 MB - Died while loading additional udebs
60 MB - Died while wiping a partition
64 MB - Seemed to work
68 MB - Seemed to work

This seems to be a bit higher memory than d-i used to require and I think the inclusion of partman-crypto is at least partially to blame for it. Looking at the "Installed size" field from packages.debian.org, it reports the following sizes (i386):

Base requirements:
partman-crypto - 648kB
cdebconf-newt-entropy - 40kB

device-mapper crypto requirements:
partman-crypto-dm - 100kB
cryptsetup-udeb - 380kB
crypto-modules-2.6.16-2-486-di - 160kB
libpopt0-udeb - 24kB

loop-AES crypto requirements:
partman-crypto-loop - 136kB
gnupg-udeb - 664kB
loop-aes-2.6.16-2-486-di - 148kB
mount-aes-udeb - 216kB

Sum: 2516kB

I might have missed a package or two and I tried to exclude packages that are needed by some other non-partman-crypto component.

I'm not sure if this requires some action to be taken. Modifications to lowmem to exclude partman-crypto and it's dependencies in lowmem situations might be a solution but I have no idea how much work that would be.

Is this a problem? Comments/suggestions on solving it?


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