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Bug#342234: summarizing the reported problems

Ok, let's summarize the issues reported in the provided links:

Already fixed
o Partman allows you to modify a partition which is already allocated as a lvm PV (this has been fixed and the partition will now be locked against changes)
o Some LVs are not assigned a filesystem type (this has been fixed)

In other bug reports
o Boot partition created was 256Mb which seems a bit big (bug #375544)
o Creating a LV called "lv-var/log" failed (this is a limitation in the naming of lv devices, see bug #375161)
o Resizing a LVM PV doesn't work (bug #375545)
o Resizing a LVM LV doesn't work (bug #375545)
o The failure message upon resizing was unhelpful (bug #375546)

Not fixable/reproduceable
o The boot partition was 16Mb after being told to create a 20Mb partition (this is a limitation of how disks are paritioned in terms of cylinders and not fixable) o Resizing the boot partition to 20Mb failed (the help text now says that 20.2Mb is the smallest partition size allowed) but resizing to 50Mb and then to 20Mb worked (I can't reproduce this, resizing to 21Mb directly worked for me).

As all open issues in this report is already reported as separate bugs, I'll close this one in a week or two unless someone objects.

Kind regards,
David Härdeman

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