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Re: RFC: partman-auto-crypto

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 07:54:01PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 21 June 2006 21:42, David Härdeman wrote:
It's now at a point where it seems reasonable to move it into the
regular tree (/d-i/packages/partman/partman-auto-crypto).

I've not had time to review this yet, but yesterday I added support in partman-auto-lvm for preseeding the disk. This also required a small change in partman-auto.

I suggest you also prepare p-a-c for preseeding. We can make the change needed in partman-auto when p-a-c moves to trunk.

See commits 38428+38434 for p-a-l and 38427 for partman-auto for the changes I made to make p-a-l preseedable.

I'll take a look...

As for including p-a-c in Beta 3, I'd prefer not to for the following reasons: - I am hessitant to have another shared code reorg so shortly before release, but think it should be done before uploading
- I'd like to see a resolution of the LVM/swap question before releasing
- adding yet another option in the partman-auto menu for each disk will probably crowd the Manual partitioning option off the first screen and that's too important for that to happen too often - I feel it is a good idea to first have more experienced users try crypto "manually" and getting feedback on it before making it too accessible for less experienced people

Sounds reasonable, I've got no objections to that approach, hopefully it can be included after Beta3 but before RC1.


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