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State of my partitioning tool


So, As I have see on irc, some people asked to know what is the state of
the development of my partitioning tool.

It's my first software written in C/GTK and I just have learned to code
in C so apologize me if my tool is not finished or/and if my code is not
very clean.

Well, the hardware detection should works and the functionnalities with
the several filesystems are almost finished (ext2, ext3, swap, xfs, 
reiserfs, fat16, fat32).

I just have rewritten the hardware detection, but the modifications are
not done with the graphical interface.

Well, what is missing : 
 - some core functionnalities to apply operations on disk
 - more filesystems (jfs, hfs, jfs, ntfs..)
 - add interfaces
 - test

My tool is not usable for the moment and need lots of tests.

I just have finished my school year and I have to work on debian-edu
this summer so I'm not sure, I will have enough free time to continue my

The source code is available on the parted svn.
If someone want to work on a partitioning tool, he will be able to use
some parts of my work.

Moreover, I have test some small gtk apps using gtk2.8  in the installer 
and it works very well. That's nice.

  ,''`.  Xavier Oswald <x.oswald@free.fr>
 : :' :  GNU/LINUX Debian & Debian-Edu Contributor
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