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Re: Bug#373945: Successful 2.6 based installation on s/390 (hercules) - some issues

On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 03:39:00PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> * Network configuration (CTC)
> Works fine.
> Wishlist:
> - Maybe we should remove the selected read device from the list when
>   asking for the write device

Hmm, makes sense.

> - Maybe we could suggest default values (first available device for read;
>   the one following the selected read device for write)

Hmm. Will work mostly.

> Issue:
> - After selecting a dasd device there is no change of the status on the
>   screen which makes it look as if no device has been selected yet.
>   This is only a presentation bug as the selection in fact was done
>   correctly.

And it needs the possibility to format the disks again.

> * Partitioning - manual partitioning
> Select the "s390" disklabel when using Hercules when creating a new 
> partition table. I understand that msdos or gpt can be used in some 
> cases.

This depends on the disk type. We need a way to restrict the allowed
metadata formats, s390 is only supported on ECKD DASD.

> Issue:
> - When a new partition is created, it's name is shown strangely:

Looks like a problem in parted.

>   After committing the changes and restarting partman, it looks more
>   normal though:
>   (Not sure where the 0121 comes from; the DASD I created the partition
>   on was 0.0.0122!)

This is a name which is defined on disklabel creation. Maybe parted does
something weird there, let me check.

> * Base installation - kernel selection
> This is an existing issue, but worth mentioning anyway.
> Selection of the default kernel could be improved for S/390. Current 
> selection uses the full kernel version (e.g. 2.6.16-2-s390) used in the 
> installer.

I thought I fixed that to use the 2.6 meta packages.

>            This means that:
> - if that kernel is not available, the fallback is not optimal; for
>   example, if I install testing, the 2.6.15-1-s390x kernel will be
>   selected by default (while hercules does not support s390x);

Hmm, is it possible to allow the selection of -s390x but don't ever
select it automaticaly? The problem is that -s390x is sorted before
-s390, why?

> One thing to be aware of is that a new hardware configuration mechanism 
> has been added for 2.6 kernels using the sysconfig-hardware package. The 
> installer may (e.g. for CTC netdevices) create config files in directory:
> /etc/sysconfig/hardware/.

And it adopts the ability to rename interfaces. udev will not longer
install that on s390 with the next upload as it is plain broken.


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