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Re: Preseed of Debian Archive mirror country and Disk Partition

Gary Fredrickson wrote:
> Everyone,
>              Currently I am trying to fully automate an install of Debian and
> have to 2 issues early in the install process and a question about aptitude.
> The first issue below is with mirror country using ftp protocol. The section of
> the preseed file is listed below in which I must press the enter key for the
> mirror country to continue on in the installation. Any ideals?
> # Debian archive mirror country:
> d-i     mirror/protocol select ftp
> d-i     mirror/country    select  enter information manually

Preseeding the country to " enter information manually" is not going to
work, remove the extra space.

> The last question is in regards to aptitude? Is their anyway to preseed the
> package selection?

Not using aptitude, no. You can use late_command to install your own set
of packages.

see shy jo

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