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Re: where to input bugs for gtk d-i?

On 6/23/06, Luis Matos <a26652@alunos.mec.ua.pt> wrote:
where can i submit some wish list bugs?

cdebconf-gtk-udeb package.

i re-installed yesterday my laptop, and i found some flaws in it, mostly
non searchable box for languages, keyboards, etc.

Where did you got from the image you tested. Some of the issues you
are talking about may result from an old set of libraries.

other thing is the theme choosed ... it is too square, maybe adopting
the gnome default theme, that would be nice ... anyway, don't forget to
answear to the question, please.

There is already an intention to use a theme which is not gnome's
default one, but that (the one I am talking about) is not at all
square[1]. ;-)

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/03/msg00910.html

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