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Bug#260649: #260649: grub-installer: ask grub-installer/with_other_os at critical priority?

tag 260649 wontfix

Once upon a time Colin Watson wrote:
> I'd like to be able to run d-i at critical priority to cut down the
> number of questions asked. However, the with_other_os question is
> currently high, even though it can render a previously working machine
> unbootable if something goes wrong (i.e. Linux won't boot and your other
> partitions weren't detected by os-prober for some reason). Perhaps this
> should be asked at critical instead?

The discussion on this bug seems to have died.

I propose to not implement the request and close the report for the 
following reasons:
- almost all installations on multi-boot machines will be prio high;
- prio critical is mostly reserved for automatic installations;
- the relevant questions do have good defaults;
- AFAIK os-prober has proven to be fairly reliable at "other OS"
- even if it fails, the new installation will in most cases be bootable,
  allowing for recovery;
- we now have a good rescue option to assist with recovery if the
  previous point should not be true.

Before replying, please read the full bug report:


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