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Bug#373594: installation-report: daily snapshot on compaq armada m700

* Marc Haber <mh+0523mail@zugschlus.de> [20060622 07:15]:
> On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 12:09:33AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Tuesday 20 June 2006 23:32, Marc Haber wrote:
> > > No, the notebook does not have a floppy drive. It has a floppy LED
> > > though.

> > Huh? Then how the hell does the kernel manage to make the floppy light 
> > light up? I suspect that your hardware does support a floppy device to 
> > some extend and that that confuses the kernel, causing it to retry and 
> > thus the delay.

> Yes. Looks the same way like standard desktops which all support
> floppy drives but do not have one connected.


> > I'd say this is a kernel bug. Anyway, something we cannot solve in the 
> > installer so if you want to follow up on this, I suggest you do so 
> > separately (probably with upstream kernel people).

> Actually, this sounds like an issue I have with the grml live CD on
> some systems where the behavior can be fixed by calling the special
> option "noautoconfig" when booting. Maybe you can ask Mika Prokop
> about what this option actually does. Ccing him on this issue.

noautoconfig disables a check while booting in userland at the grml
system.  What I'm doing there is:

* check for existence of /dev/fd0; if it exits:
* run 'if dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/dev/null bs=512 count=1', if successful:
* run blkid to identify devices with a specific label (GRMLCFG)

noautoconfig disables this check at all.

Booting grml on a system with a fd-connector but no fd present at
all provides the following syslog entry:

  end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0

which I could also find in #373594.

Marc, does the same behaviour (hanging for ~2 min) occur on harddisk
installation or is it just at d-i?

IMHO this looks like an userland application is trying to access
/dev/fd0 several times (as the 'end_request: I/O error...' is
present several times). This usually happens when scanning for
disks/partitions/... Might this be the case, Frans?

HTH && regards,
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