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Re: [directfb-dev] [g-i]GTK 2.8.18 with directfb support packages [was:Re: [g-i] Graphical installer and PPC systems]

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 16:50, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> Dave announced the availablity of the cairo packages for quite a while
> and I haven't seen any move from the gtk/gnome team. The most
> important thing I learen in OSS is that you (yourself) are the best o
> scratch your own itch. That's what I think I am doing here.

There is still some discussion about those packages and I reported at 
least one important needed change a few days ago.
AFAIK we have not yet asked the Gnome people to do anything and that seems 
the smart thing to do until we _know_ the cairo packages are actually 

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