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Re: Preseeding dictionaries selection

Iacopo Spalletti wrote:
> I'm playing with preseeding d-i and i'm wondering how to preseed dictionaries 
> selection.
> I tried with 
> dictionaries-common  dictionaries-common/default-ispell      select italiano 
> (Italian)
> dictionaries-common  dictionaries-common/default-wordlist    select italiano 
> (Italian)
> but i've got no success.
> Any suggestion?

Hi Iacopo,

	do a manual install, do then install debconf-utils with
'apt-get install debconf-utils' and then run 'debconf-get-selections > \
result.txt ; debconf-get-selections --installler >> result.txt'. Check
out the values in result.txt and use thos in your preseed file.



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