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Bug#374228: installation-reports: Installation failed with base-installer/no_codename on AMD64

On Sunday 18 June 2006 05:15, Anthony Juckel wrote:
> As stated in the subject, after setting up the initial users, I
> abruptly get the base-installer/no_codename error.  Attached are the
> log files.

Thanks for including the logs.

This was quite a hard one to trace. It seems that the daily builds have 
been using an old initrd for amd64 for some time now due to a sync 
between mirrors not working any more.

This has been fixed now and tonight's daily builds should fix the issue.

If you try a new image, please check that in /var/lib/dpkg/status, you see 
version 1.16 of cdrom-detect listed (switch to VT2 and use 'nano' to view 
the file).

Thank you for your report. Closing it as the issue should be solved with 
the next builds.


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