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Bug#373097: file-preseed: file preseeding can't be used for anna/choose_modules

Package: file-preseed
Version: 0.01
Severity: normal

When using debian-installer on hd-media, it is not possible to use
file-preseed to select which modules anna should load (through
anna/standard_modules and anna/choose_modules debconf questions).

This is particularily annoying, as the other possibilities are not very 
convinient: env-preseed hit the maximum command line size pretty 
quickly, and initrd-preseed requires to rebuild the debian-installer 

The current situation is:
 * both file-preseed and load-cdrom has a XB-Installer-Menu-Item
   set to 14,
 * both iso-scan and load-iso has a XB-Installer-Menu-Item set to 13,
   with load-iso depending on iso-scan.

In either case, file-preseed has no chance to be run before the cdrom
components get loaded.

The correct order, IMHO, in a hd-media setup should be: iso-scan,
file-preseed, load-iso.  I might be confusing load-iso/load-cdrom, but
here's the general idea.

Thanks for any help,

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