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A web-based frontend for the cdebconf


when i first started working on the graphical frontend for the d-i, i wanted to build something that allowed people to install the debian using an HTML browser. This would have allowed remote (once the network had setup by preseeding it) and local graphical installations too, if an HTML browser had been included inside the d-i. I eventually gave up and started working on the simpler GTK frontend, but later, at extremadura, mike emmel asked me "why don't you write an HTML frontend and include my small GTKcore-based browser in the d-i?". Some weeks ago i started writing such a web frontend in my spare time which is now far away from being complete but it can handle correctly all debconf protocol's questions except PROGRESS_xxx(see PNG screenshot). The web frontend is made of the "web" cdebconf frontend module and of a small HTTP server that takes care of communicating with the web browser and the web frontend module itself. The GTK frontend is now close to be complete, so i guess web frontend's main usage would be in remote graphical installations (something a la Solaris Web Start). I would like to have some feedback from you: do you think this frontend module could be somehow useful and is worth to be furtherly developed? is there anyone interested in working on it? Source code and a (dated - no graphics nor nice css) screenshot can be found here




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