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Re: Graphical Installer GTKDFB 2.9 issue

Eddy Petrişor wrote:
On 6/4/06, Attilio Fiandrotti <fiandro@tiscali.it> wrote:

Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> On 6/4/06, Attilio Fiandrotti <fiandro@tiscali.it> wrote:
>> > AND
>> > I'm not 100% sure but it seems as if the Screenshot button isn't
>> > selectable with TAB. It's ignored while switching around.
>> That was meant to be a feature to facilitate installation: when you tab
>> between widgets you usually don't want to tab also over the screenshot
>> button, that's rarely used.
> Yes, but an accelerator key should be available for the screenshot
> button (Ctrl+s, maybe?)
yes, but if you introduce an accelerator you should also document it
somewhere and the idea of introducing a "Help" button that pops up a
window that lists all GTK-specific accelerator keys was rejected some
times ago.

I think that having a character underlined would be quite intuitive
for many people ('though usually that means Alt+<char>)

ok, i just have to look for a key combination that means nothing to DFB's wm


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