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Re: boot from ethernet with imac g3

In data 31/05/2006 23:03 Hans Ekbrand ha scritto:
On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 09:53:50PM +0200, Giulio Canevari wrote:
I'm unable to partition the hd nor to fetch at least the base packages
from the net with the internal modem with ppp, the installer seems to be
targeted only at cdrom install.

Debian-installer comes in different flavours intended for different
uses. The main thing that differs are the modules available in the
initrd, in your case you should try to install everything from the
net, that is net-install. Let me quote an earlier post to this list
about the debian-installer:
B. From where is the debian-installer to get its *own modules* (needed
for its own functioning)?

1. From the removable media (CDROM or usb) that started the debian-installer at boot
2. From .iso-file on local harddisk (Filesystem must be readable by the debian-installer, which exludes HFS+) 3. From the net (internet or local debian-mirror)
You control B by choosing what images you will use. I *think* any
image can be started in any of the tree ways outlined in A (thus
netboot does NOT imply a tftp boot).

"Netboot" means B:3 "Hd-media" means B:2
"Business" means B:1

I think that you can choose C1 and C2 at install time (if you run the
installer at a low enough priority)
Actually i have got the debian-businnesscard iso [ from wich i have took
the kernel, yaboot and so on placed in /tftpboot ],

I think that when you use the initrd from the businesscard flavor that
means B:1, so you will have to use a usb-stick to load parts of the
installer. Another strategy is to download an kernel+initrd from the

On http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/ i read something like this ( i translate it in poor english ):

These images contain only the minimum necessary to boot the installation, so only those part of the installer needed to configure the net access so that you can download other components of the installer system.

After having installed the very base system my idea is to perform an apt-get upgrade and give the list of packages to download to a friend of mine with a fast connection.

This way:
dpkg --get-selection >list.txt from my x86
dpkg --set-selections <list.txt on imac
 and i'll need a way to transfer this list, usb key or via net in some way.
apt-get --print-uris -s dselect-upgrade

And then, once i have got the packages, i'll try to install an ftp server on my x86 to finish the install ( even if i don't know how i can organize the structure of the dirs, iirc there is an automated tool but i don't remember its name ).

I'm CC:ing debian-boot@lists.debian.org in order to get advice from
the really knowledgeable people on this subject.

I'll keep the address and i cc to.

Thank you,
Giulio Canevari

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