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Re: Custom partitioning shell script?

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 08:06:57AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> Autopartkit is used by the debian-edu/skolelinux folk, not sure what exactly
> it does though. BTW, what exactly do you need.

I need to be able to produce a single CD which is capable of interrogating
the system that it's running on and work out how exactly it needs to
partition and format the machine.  For instance:

* If we have one HDD, use /boot+LVM
* If we have two HDDs of the same size, use RAID1 then /boot+LVM on top
* If we have three or more HDDs of the same size, use RAID5 then /boot+LVM
	on top
* If we have HDDs of different sizes, use /boot+LVM-across-all-the-HDDs

* The set of LVs (which mount points and how big they need to be) that need
	to be created for a particular machine will come from a type table
	which I'll put together, based on the hostname provided (we have
	common patterns of hostname, so I can deduce what sort of machine it
	is and go from there) and the sizing needs to also be determined by
	the size of the VG that we end up with

There's also probably a bunch of other issues that we need to deal with, but
these are the ones that I know about already.

I know that, in theory, you could design a specialist language that can
describe all of those requirements, but the hassle of coming up with it all
would almost certainly be more effort than just writing a big-ass shell

> The first time i ran d-i in early 2003, autopartkit was the default, and it
> ate my devel harddisk without asking any question, so i never ever looked at
> it.

Ouch.  On the other hand, that's quite close to what I want to do, so I
guess everything depends on your perspective...  <grin>

- Matt

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