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Bug#369456: Processed: severity of 369456 is wishlist, reassign 369456 to apt-setup

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 16:57, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > If the plan is for the installer to complete the installation before
> > the system is rebooted from the HD for the first time, then the bug
> > is serious.  A useful system cannot be installed from the first CD
> > only, remembering that the subsequent discs cannot be scanned and so
> > accessed at this stage because of this bug.
> Well, the Debian base system can be installed from the first CD, so a
> useful system can..:-)
> However, downgrading the severity of this bug does not mean that it
> won't be fixed. Indeed, I bet that it will be fixed...mostly because
> we certainly cannot release Debian etch (which will fit on something
> like 15 or more CD's) without it to use all its CD's....

		Let's call it a "significant" bug  ;)


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