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Bug#368881: linuxgui install


On Thu, 25 May 2006 18:58:13 +0200 Patrick Cornelißen wrote:
> Package: installation-reports

> Comments/Problems:
> There are some missing translations in the installer for the german 
> language.
> I was not able to enter my name correctly because the ß (ß in 
> html) is not acessible via keyboard.

Additional info:

ß does not work in the traditional installer, too (de_DE@UTF-8).
(with correct layout chosen; read further)


ö + ä + ü doesn't work in both installers
(with correct layout chosen; read further)


in g-i the wrong keyboard layout is chosen for de: z and y are
swapped (on a german keyboard the y is left between x and z is left
between u; also known as qwertz layout). So there seems to be an
english keyboard selected. In the traditional d-i this works fine.



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