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Bug#368633: partman: LVM automatic partitioning not undoable

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On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 09:14:55AM -0700, Eric Monson wrote:
> Package: partman
> Severity: critical
> Justification: causes serious data loss
> I burned a D-I image for a friend (the latest weekly Debian CD as of Mar

Please confirm that you mean 'MaY' (and not 'MaRch')

> 12 15:12) and chose to play with it a bit to see if it was clearly
> broken in some obvious way or likely okay for out purposes.
> Once I had verified enough that I thought the build was fine (and It did
> work for the install), I decided to try out the LVM option in the
> "guided partitioning", since I had never done so before and I wanted to
> see what how it would arrange the partitions.  The guided partitioning
> page clearly states that you will have a chance to review and undo the
> guided partitioning, and is correct for regular partitions,
> but LVM occurs immeditely,


> it seems, and even gpart was unable to restore my
> data.  I was able to salvage the python programs I had been working on,
> but nothing else.
> Since there is almost certainly a reason LVM gets applied immeditely,

Mmm again "immeditely"

> most likely that cannot be changed, but I am of the opinion that the
> diolog where you can select it should clearly state that the operation
> cannot be undone and may well kill working installations.

Please tell us more about what you did.

My default is to take the complain serious.
But I make the addition that if have my doubts about it,
so please tell how to reproduce the problem.
(right now is the original poster the one with the problem,
when he can convince other that the problem concerns others
then it more likely he will get help with "his problem")

Geert Stappers

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