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finish-install_2.0_i386.changes is NEW

(new) finish-install_2.0.dsc required debian-installer
(new) finish-install_2.0.tar.gz required debian-installer
(new) finish-install_2.0_all.udeb required debian-installer
Finish the installation and reboot
Changes: finish-install (2.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * Renamed the package, since "base-config" is gone it makes no sense to have
    it in the package name etc.
  * /usr/lib/prebaseconfig.d and prebaseconfig/progress/ are still supported,
    for now, but udebs should transition to /usr/lib/finish-install.d and
    finish-install/progress/ ASAP.
  * Use log-output.
  [ Updated translations ]
  * Danish (da.po) by Claus Hindsgaul
  * Dzongkha (dz.po)
  * French (fr.po) by Christian Perrier
  * Norwegian Nynorsk (nn.po) by HÃ¥vard Korsvoll
  * Slovenian (sl.po) by Jure Ä?uhalev
  * Thai (th.po) by Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
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