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Re: removing 2.4 from etch/sid

Frans Pop wrote:
> IMO the question whether 2.4 should be removed now and if so for which 
> architectures is something to be decided between the kernel team and 
> porters.
> If a porter needs more time to switch to 2.6 for the installer, he should 
> probably come up with a migration plan and timeline.
> Purely from a d-i release management point of view, it would be nice if 
> the removal of 2.4 could be delayed until just after the next beta 
> release. The release date for that depends on the progress of AMD64 
> archive migration (it is not yet installable from testing).

Switching d-i reqires stable kernels for all subarchitectures, those
are now mostly done for mips/mipsel. I hope we complete the move to
2.6 in 3-6 weeks.


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