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Re: [powerpc] triple boot

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 08:50:17AM +0300, Eddy =?UTF-8?Q?Petri=C5=9For ?= wrote:
> Ok, there is a partition on which I can do test installations; btw,
> two linux installations on a new world powerpc machine imposes a
> problem: all kernels should be placed on the same partition due to a
> limitation in yaboot. How does d-i deal with this when Debian is
> installed on a system on which there is already installed another
> linux system?

I assume that yaboot allows to choose from several kernels,
so having different kernel available for booting is possible.

d-i has a "os-detect-compoment" that can "see" allready installed
operating systems.

The only obstacle I see that _can_ block "triple boot",
is the size of the (single) boot partition.

In other words:  dive into the PowerPC test installations

Geert Stappers

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