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Re: Etch/Sid is installable on amd64, the next level

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 09:19:23AM +0000, Wasfi JAOUAD wrote:
> Well, it's ok with the i386 version of the installer, but the AMD64 one still says : 
>                            !! install the base system
>                        Cannot install the base system
> The installer connot figure out how to install the base system. No installable CD-ROM 
> was found and no valid miroor was configured.
> (with a scary red background ;-)
> Or you mean the fix will automatically be appiled to AMD64 d-i ?
> Actually Joey's fix dealt with not finding packages inside ISOs, here the ISO itself
> was not found.. hopefully it fixes both..
> Full logs of a try with latest binaries from amd64.debian.net are attached.
> [ Attachment: amd64-08-Apr-2006.7z ]

Okay, let's go to the next level of the game. This level is multi-user.

There is a (unwritten??) rule that says that
 the time of the other players is very valueable.

Several technical tools support that rule about costly user time.
One kind of tools are E-mail programms that allow threaded E-mail,
another kind is a bug tracking system. Both kinds make it possible to
the players of the game to read in a single thread or bugreport what is
The tools need human intervention to avoid clutter and/or redundant text.
Do this by replying under the text and removing text that has surely be
seen. ( Keep some text as context for your reply. )

The same message in other words:

- The report of something being broken is been seen.
- There is a sort of desire to help.
- Invest time in making good readable reports _and_ follow-ups.

Geert Stappers

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