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Bug#367080: Please change lanuage input priority to critical

On Saturday 13 May 2006 16:24, Christian Perrier wrote:
> The rationale of the language priority being set to high was similar
> to all other questions: the answer is not absolutely mandatory for the
> install to run, given that the installation can be run in English
> without compromising the result.
Well yes I know, but how useful is an installation in english if you don't 
understand it?

> Of course, I understand your concerns here and changing the language
> question could be imagined....the only drawback being that it would be
> kind of a precedent for other questions being raised at "critical"
> priority.
> I'd like to have other's advice and feeling about this.
Yes would be nice :)

> Indeed, that raises an interesting d-i enhancement possibility: why
> not allow users to preseed....the questions priority rather than the
> answers.
Preeseding would be wonderful :)

> This would allow CDD to adjust the questions priority to their needs
> without changing the D-I code.
And that is of course desirable, I *hate* the idea of doing a NMU for 
Debian-Edu Archive of localechooser.


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