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Re: installer errors in Debian Etch 01052006

On 5/11/06, Uwe Bugla <uwe.bugla@gmx.de> wrote:
1. The Debian installer does not know how to handle local CDROM or DVDROM
drives, it is only reduced to internet mirror handling, misses an
appropriate timeout if there is no mirror found

This is not a problem with the installer. By the way I think your installer have missing modules so, to solve that mistake you need have the right udebs in your repository to perform the installation.

2. The netinst CD concept is simply unusable due to the buggy installer –
the netinst CD image does not contain any editor (vi, joe, mc)

For default nano is used.

Will you please fix this? The installer in Etch´s version of November 2005
did not show errors like this.

Sensible changes had made in current version of debian-installer from etch in relation with the lastest ones. Honestly I cant see that bugs what you are talking about, probably you are missing something.

If you can give a more detailed information about how/what, precisely, you are doing maybe we can understand better whats going around there.

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