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Re: Re: Etch/Sid not installable

On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 04:19:49PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
wjaouad1@netcourrier.com wrote:
> There's likely to be more information in /var/log/syslogafter this
> error pops up.

Yes, it says grub could not be found (was hard to find)! I used
netinst CD image, then the first testing CD image (grud**.deb is
actually in both) but I have the exact same problem..

Please quote the exact error message, a paraphrased error message is

Not my bug report, but I'm seeing similar error messages...

When I'm doing test install runs right now using a custom made d-i image (which is preseeded to use unstable for udebs and debs), I get an error installing nfs-common.

It tries to access /var/lib/nfs/state which does not exist and fails. Later when its time to install grub, the errors from the failed nfs-common install remain and the installer seems to think that it failed to install grub (even though it succeded).

A workaround was to do a mkdir -p /target/var/lib/nfs/state before the grub install step. Perhaps this is the bug the OP is seeing?

I've attached a screenshot of the failure messages related to nfs-common.


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