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[g-i] problems using dejavu as default font

After spending some time trying to switch g-i as to use ttf-dejavu as
default font, I'm writing down the infos I collected so far hoping
someone will help getting it to work.

The current set of fonts uses ttf-freefont as default and a very old
version of dejavu font (IIRC something lik 2.2); for my tests, I use
an environment containing only dejavu and freefont ttf files and play
with /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc to decide which font to use as a default:

gtk-font-name="BitstreamCharter 12" # if I want to use dejavu
gtk-font-name="FreeSans 12" # if I want to use freefont

Using the current version of ttf-dejavu (2.4.1-1) the frontend crashes
when dejavu is set as default font but if freefont is set as default font,
all languages displayed via dejavu 2.4.1-1 just work fine.

I've asked for some help on #dejavu and been told pango > 1.11 (which
added OpenType features support to Latin script) is the cause of many
problems and they suggested to try DejaVuSansLGC: the frontend does
not crash but the image just freezes without displaying all the text in
the main menu and once I get control back I see this:

debconf: dl-close.c:202: _dl_close: Assertion `(*lp)->l_idx >= 0 && (*lp)->l_idx < nloaded' failed.
(!) [12134:    0.000] --> Caught signal 6 (sent by pid 12134, uid 0) <--

I tried to use dejavu 2.5 and the problem remains


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