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Bug#366441: Mklibs: should not remove symbol iconv_open

reassign 366441 debian-installer
tag 366441 pending

This is not a problem in mklibs but in d-i.
The d-i (the Makefile) fails to tell mklibs to check libs with a name 
*.so.* for symbols that are needed.

The patch below in the Makefile fixes this.

--- build/Makefile      (revision 37141)
+++ build/Makefile      (working copy)
@@ -433,8 +433,8 @@
	-cp -a `find $(EXTRADRIVERSDIR)/lib -name '*.so.*'` $(TEMP)/udeblibs
	-cp -a `find $(TREE)/lib -name '*.so.*'` $(TEMP)/udeblibs
	mkdir -p $(TREE)/lib
-	$(MKLIBS) -L $(TREE)/usr/lib -L $(TEMP)/udeblibs -v -d $(TREE)/lib \
-		--root=$(TREE) `find $(TEMP) -type f -perm +0111 -o -name '*.so' | grep -v udeblibs`
+	$(MKLIBS) -L $(TREE)/usr/lib -L $(TEMP)/udeblibs -v -d $(TREE)/lib --root=$(TREE) \
+		`find $(TEMP) -type f -a \( -perm +0111 -o -name '*.so' -o -name '*.so.*' \)
	rm -rf $(TEMP)/udeblibs

	# Add missing symlinks for libraries

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