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Bug#366441: Mklibs: should not remove symbol iconv_open

>I recomment to do desparate actions like `make really-clean`, `svn
>update`, `make clean`.  With some luck you get a working d-i again.

tried that already and seems like ppc is broken as well (see [1]) even
if it is not confirmed that the cause of the problem is the same

>If the problem presists, then try to rebuild libfontconfig
>with iconv_open defined otherwise. Something 
>  external iconv_open
>or other type casting I don't understand (yet??)

I'll give it a try, thanx.

>What I'm trying to say is that mklibs works fine (due some magic)
Does that mean mklibs is bug free?


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/05/msg00199.html

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