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Bug#362800: debian-installer: cd-rom installer requires online repository

Frans Pop say that this bug is done in images after 15/04/2006, but I burn
the 3 *DVDs* of Debian Etch (17/04/2006) and I found the same problem: The
installer work ONLY with internet conection (online repository is necessary!)
I try use workarround available in ERRATA, but don't work in version of day
17/04/2006 (images DVD)... the oprion "Ignore" don't appear!
This bug is done in *DVD* images of Debian Etch?
I say taht because Debian Etch don't up my network card (Marvell Yukon) and I
my internet conection is by network, so I thing that 11Gb available in 3 DVD
is enough :-)
Renato S. Yamane

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