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reassign 365682 base-installer
retitle 365682 Should offer the option to load a custom kernel from removable devices
severity 365682 wishlist

> Comments/Problems:
> As mentioned above, needed unofficial kernel patch to get SATA to work
> <Description of the install, in prose, and any thoughts, comments
>      and ideas you had during the initial install.>
> Initial install for x86_64 imo should be unstable, rather than
> testing, because testing is missing alot of
> usefull packages. Would be nice if it was alot easier to put a custom
> kernel on the bootable cdrom, and
> also choose from grub or lilo as your default boot loader. I swiched

Maybe offer the option to load a custom kernel from a floppy or any
other removable device at some moment?

Let's record this as a wishlist bug and reassign it to the relevant
package. Of course, taking care that the loaded kernel is suitable for
use on the installed system would be left to the user.

Choosing between Grub and Lilo is already possible as long as you use
"expert" installs. This choice is not intended as a "standard user"
choice with the assumption that standard user have no clue about what
a bootloader is and what should motivate the choice between two of

Cases where lilo is to be really preferred over Grub are really not
very common, anyway.

Given that your installation was a complete success, I just reassign
the installation report to base-installer so that the wishlist BR for
custom kernels installs is recorded.

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