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Re: [RFR] Proposal for installs without network connection

Frans Pop wrote:
> OK. New proposal.
> 1) Revert currently pending changes to choose-mirror.
> 2) Split choose-mirror (c-m) into c-m-bin (actual program) and
>    c-m (postinst); c-m depends on c-m-bin.
> 3) Make cdrom-detect and iso-scan set cdrom/base_installable in debconf
>    database if /cdrom/.disk/base_installable is present.
> 5) Apply Joey's patch for split of mirror/cdrom suite and codename.
> 4) Change dependency of apt-setup to c-m-bin (currently depends on c-m).
>    This leaves businesscard CD based installs without configured mirror
>    for base-installation, so make cdrom-detect and iso-scan do an
>    'anna-install c-m' if cdrom/base_installable is false.
>    (Other installation methods that need it have c-m in the initrd.)

Good so far, my only quibble is that cdrom/base_installable is kind of a
not very useful abstraction over /cdrom/.disk/base_installable.

> 5) Add following functionality in apt-setup postinst if
>    cdrom/base_installable is true:
>    - copy debconf values for suite and codename from cdrom/ to mirror/
>    - ask new question (with a nice explanation in its description):
>      a) use both normal mirror and mirror for security updates
>      b) use only mirror for security updates
>      c) don't use network mirrors

a. and b. seem confusible to me, could it be reduced to a boolean that
just asks if it wants to use a mirror? IMHO we can leave security
updates out of this; if there's a network the only sane action is to
add the security sources.

see shy jo

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