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Bug#360454: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#360454: Bug Reporter)

On Sunday 02 April 2006 16:08, Xiaofeng wrote:
> I have been completed the installation by using a 2.6 kernel without
> network,
> because it does not support my PC card - 'Toshiba LANCT00A'.
> I found the driver source at following URL, But I don't know how to
> make use it
> in Debian. Can you help me ?  The source is attached below.
> http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/jpn/download.htm

Well, I'm afraid that _I_ cannot read that page.

I think your best option for getting that driver to work is to ask for 
help within the Chinese Debian/Linux community. Have you tried asking for 
help on the debian-japanese, debian-chinese-big5 or debian-chinese-gb 
mailing lists?


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