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Re: Bug#295476: add support for disabling auto-eject

I've just installed Debian Sarge (Using the network-install-CD 3.1_r1a) to a new Server which was nearly damaged due to the cd-eject feature without prior warning at
the end of the installation procedure.
After looking around for some time I found that there has been a discussion already about this subject. I am now trying to convince you to remove this annoying behaviour from the installation procedure. I have understood the reasons for including this feature and I'm sure that there's an alternative to what's happening right now that will satisfy both sides.

A solution could look like this:

Message: The system will be rebooted. Do you want to eject the CD to make sure you're not booting the installation system but you newly installed debian system?
no => reboot without ejecting the CD
yes => next message:
Please remove the CD and hit Enter to reboot.

I know this is one more question during the install process, but there are good reasons why this question should be added:

1. The user should keep control over his hardware, ejecting a CD without prior warning has been annoying to many user I know (Nero does this, too)

2. There's always the risk that by ejecting the CD, the users hardware is damaged or even worse. Do you sit in front of your computer during the whole installation procedure? I usually do different things at the same time and walk around the room and a suddenly ejecting CD could even cause an accident this way. This nearly happened to me when I first used Nero to burn a CD and was not aware of what was going to happen.

3. Everyone installing a debian system should know what he is doing and should be aware of the fact that the computer would start from the cd again if he didn't remove it. I don't think Debian should be adapted to people who cannot handle a computer.

If you're not going to remove this annoying feature, please include at least a warning for the user and instructions on how to disable the automatic cd-eject.

See also:

I don't know if this patch has been applied already and I don't know where to look for this but as far as I know it hasn't "The Sarge version of the installer does not have this option":

Thanks for your attention,

Christoph Kobe

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