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Bug#359062: debian-installer: bterm is not (yet) accessible for brltty

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> The Debian installer now uses bterm for better i18n. However, brltty
> (the daemon that permits visually impaired people to access debian)
> isn't able to fetch what bterm displays, and hence visually impaired
> people can't use the Debian installer. Of course, some solution is
> to add debian-installer/framebuffer=false at the syslinux prompt for
> disabling framebuffer and hence bterm too. But since syslinux is not
> accessible either, this is really not a handy solution.

All brltty-udeb needs to do to disable the use of the framebuffer is
install a /lib/debian-installer.d/S40brltty that does:


Then any boot media that includes brltty-udeb will automatically run
without bterm.

Reassigning this to the udeb.

see shy jo

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