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Re: Debian-installer choose-mirror

On 3/23/06, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
On Thursday 23 March 2006 13:18, Matheus Morais wrote:
> Sorry about this. I have download the source package of d-i and I
> follow the README document in installer/build directory. I used make
> all_build option to build the d-i system so, I copy build/dest to my
> local repository and generate the disk using debian-cd. In this way I
> used apt-ftparchive to create the Package and Package.gz file to
> debian-installer components.

I expect that you can use the official installation CD? If you can then I
suggest you check for differences between that and your own image.

Yes its etch official installation cd. I follow your suggestion and I see one interesting difference betwen my build and the official from ftp.debian.org. I change the priority and when is time to select d-i components the official installation have a lot of components to load than the my build, I have only 5 components to select.

Maybe this could be the awnser for why I cant install the files from CD.

How d-i manage that components? How I can include that "others" components in d-i? Can debian-cd affect the components used by d-i?

The last question, I see one file called udebs.list in debian official repository. Is it needed?

Sorry if they are so stupid :P


Matheus Morais

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