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Re: Writing a udeb

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> I'm trying to write my own udeb.  I have a prototype that loads and runs, 
> but it's menu entry in the debian installer is a blank line.  I don't 
> suppose that's really all that important, since my package is designed to 
> allow me to do things with preseed files that automate installation, but 
> from a programmer point of view I would at least like to understand *why* 
> it's not working.
> I thought this would do it (package's name is auto-netcfg):
> auto-config-0.0/debian/auto-netcfg.templates
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Template: debian-installer/auto-netcfg/title
> Type: text
> #  Main menu item
> _Description: Auto-configure network
> Template: auto-netcfg/preseed-dir
> Type: string
> Description: The directory where preseeded network configuration files/dirs
>  may be found.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Anyone have any ideas what I've got wrong?

Maybe you forgot to call dh_installdebconf in the rules file?

see shy jo

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