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Re: Debian DVD Cebit-Edition: What is the password for root ?


[ Answering for the archive, allready answered the very same mail send
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* Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl> [060316 12:46]:

> > I have got a Debian-DVD at the Cebit in Hannover. Installing went fine, but it 
> > does not ask, what password root should have. However, I saw that there  
> > already a password for root exists. What is it ? Can you please tell me ?
> > Or is this a bug ?
> I think it is a feature.

It's both a feature and a bug.

The feature:

The password for root is preseeded.  Since it's presseded in cleartext,
we disable it later in the install (IIRC the preseeded passwird is
"gehtehnicht" [translated:  doesntwork]).

However, we grant the user created during the installation full sudo
rights.  Therefore you don't need the root account, however if you want
to enable it again, you can do so by simply running "sudo passwd root"
and entering a new password.

The bug:

It seem's that we forgot to document that :(

Yours sincerely,


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