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Bug#357188: Package: installation-reports

> on the whole a very smooth installation, a few notes
> * it found and installed over wireless pcmcia card,
> however postinstall wireless card was not set up for use

I leave this opened in case this could be reassigned to a d-i package.

This is actually the only item I find relevant to the installer in the

> * touchpad/mouse settings no good, (no acceleration and painfully slow
> movement) much better response with generic mousedriver, xorg.conf
> needs manual reconfigure
> The following does not work
> 	Identifier	"Synaptics Touchpad"
> 	Driver		"synaptics"
> Replaced with
> 	Identifier	"Generic Mouse"
> 	Driver		"mouse"
> and appropriate settings.

This should be reported against the xserver-xorg source package.

> * Humbly suggest, the program "screen" should be part of the default
> installation for those who use it.

This should be reported against the "screen" package but honestly I
see no reason for it.

> * I forget the selections, "standard", "laptop" and "desktop" used and
> work fine, bringing up xorg (and installing gnome desktop)
> "standard" + "laptop" appears to install xorg, but is not configured
> to work as easily when a display manager and alternative window
> manager is to be installed.

I don't understand the point here.....

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