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Re: Ali/Uli 5289 sata controller

On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 05:14:48PM -0700, Matt Funk wrote:
> Hi,


> i was wondering whether anyone can give me a hint on how to install debian 
> sarge on a machine that has a uli 5289 sata controller. The problem is that 
> the images i downloaded do not detect this controller and therefore have no 
> installation medium.

Have a look at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SataAtapiHowto
and please report your milage.

> I tried several different options like the daily builds, 
> but nothing really worked. Another problem is that my ethernet controller is 
> not detected eihter, so i can't really use the netinst image.
> has anybody run into this problem?

Avoid the problem by asking your vendor
 if you get your money back, when the computer doesn't run with GNU/Linux

> thanks
> mat

You are welcome
Geert Stappers

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